Our technical expertise combined with fantastic listening abilities allow for your innovation and creativity to go unhindered.  Go on, we’re listening…

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Technical film & TV services

Technical creativity in Film and TV production.  What that means is that we’re not the type to say no, we always get you there and sometimes we’re even nice enough to point you in the right direction… sometimes we just end up geeking out on the phone!

Digital Everything

Digital takes many guises and identifying where best to enhance and innovate the technological requirements of a businesses brand can be challenging.  With our experience we will balance budgets to maximise quality throughput so your brand advances and grows year on year.

Photography & Printing

We love photography and the printing and have the means to do so across the UK – we have some great photographers on our books and some have even gotten themselves shiny awards for their work so feel free to get in touch!

who we are

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We spend our days honing our skills on and off set, whether it’s behind the camera or at the whiteboard coming up with ideas and solutions to the latest client challenge.

Ultimately all of this allows us to provide the technical, creative and support solution for your projects that then allows you the scope for unhindered innovation!

Our philosophy centres on our ability to solve problems and fulfil your project’s requirements in full.  We’ve worked on many pioneering projects from filming RAW 4K multi cam shoots for concerts when everyone else was using 1080p to shooting in foreign countries with no infrastructure for filming whatsoever.

In essence we’re confident in our expertise to tackle those unknowns and we’re willing to go there to give you what you want.

Film + TV
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Photography + Printing
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Cat and Dog Videos
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Work with us and we’ll make sure you’re always represented and we may push you sometimes to do something that we know is in your best interests.  Think of us like a Mama bear… or not.


This is where you come in  – we do the technical stuff to put you in the best position possible to achieve your creative goals – and of course we can help creatively too!


We get you what you need – and we double and triple check everything – we’re annoyingly thorough – sometimes it takes several cups of tea per hour to be this thorough.

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… with some awesome clients and we know they’re awesome because they trusted us when we suggested shooting in Marrakesh, Tenerife and Grenada (amongst others) and said yes.

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Here are some of those awesome companies that we’ve worked with.

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let’s work together

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What we need from you is… your needs in writing; whether they’re an equipment list, a job offer or an idea, just let us know.


Phone: +44 (0) 7824 818 089


Say Hi: info@film-band.co.uk

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